December 1, 2022

Whether you are starting a bakery or just need a bakery name for your novel, the following cute and creative bakery names can help. Some of these names may already be used though, so make sure that you check before you name your bakery. You can use these names as an inspiration for your own name and make it so that your bakery is the most memorable one out there.

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1. Hot Crossed Buns: This is an adorable bakery name based on a popular nursery rhyme.

2. Red Velvet Bakery: If your bakery’s specialty cake is red velvet, then this is certainly the name to choose.

3. The Dough Knot: This is a clever play on words that is perfect for a bakery that specializes in doughnuts.

4. Queen of Tarts: If you are the queen of your bakery and tend to make tarts, this is the perfect name. It is a play on the playing card and Alice in Wonderland character, the Queen of Hearts.

5. The CinnaMan: The CinnaMan makes the best cinnamon rolls.

6. Marla’s Sweet Treats: Obviously, you may need to change the first part of this name to match your own name. It will certainly sound better if you have an awesome sounding name or nickname.

7. Patty Cakes: This is another one of the bakery names that is based on a nursery rhyme.

8. Snickerdoodles: Who doesn’t love snickerdoodles?

9. Bake n’ Flake: Flaky pastries are the best.

10. Amazin’ Glazin’: This one gets bonus points since it rhymes.

11. Cookie Encounter: This is such an adorable name that reminds me of the Cookie Monster on the television show, Sesame Street.

12. Bakeology: This creative bakery name makes your business sound like a science-based center.

13. Holy Cannoli: Delicious!

14. Rockin’ Rolls: I feel like the bakery with this name will be decorated like a 1950s cafe with a lot of rock and roll pictures on the walls.

15. The Gingerbread House: Hansel and Gretel might have had a bad experience at a gingerbread house, but your customers won’t.

16. Frost Goddess: Because you are all about the frosting!

17. Cake O’Clock: At your bakery, it is always cake o’clock.

18. Disco Danish: Danishes are the best.

19. Jake’s Cakes: Obviously, you will probably have to change this name to match your name. Jake’s Cakes happens to rhyme though, so changing it up might not work as well.

20. The Flaky Croissant: Who doesn’t love croissants?

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21. Dream Puffs: This is a pun on the popular bakery food, cream puffs. The only difference is that your cream puffs are the ones that people dream about.

22. Artsy Tartsy: This is a great name.

23. Layers: This is an excellent, cute name for a bakery.

24. Pie in the Sky: We all dream about that pie in the sky. At your bakery, people can actually buy it.

25. Cake Time: Get ready to have some fun because it is cake time!

26. Manhattan Cupcakes: Obviously, you will need to change the first word in this name to match your actual location. You could also use the name of the street or neighborhood where your bakery is located.

27. Bread and Butter: Your bakery earns your bread and butter. Ironically, you make your money through actual bread and butter as well.

28. The Chocolate Chip: Your bakery is a regular chip off the old block!

29. The Baking Room: This sounds like an awesome name.

30. The Bread Box: If your bakery specializes in breads more than sweets, this is a great option to choose.

31. The Twisted Churro: This sounds so cute.

32. Creamy Creations: While it almost sounds like the name of a porn film, this name would certainly be memorable.

33. The Sweet Room: Who wants to go to the sweet room?

34. Dream Pies: Delicious!

35. Sugar Street Sweets: Even if the street name isn’t about sugar, you make the street known for its sugary confections.

36. The Muffin Man: Do you know the muffin man?

37. Chester’s Cheesecakes: If your name starts with a C, it can easily replace the name Chester.

38. Confection Connection: Perfect!

39. Sweetie Pies: Because you sell the sweetest pies.

40. The Cake Fairy: This creative bakery name will be an easy one for your customers to remember.

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41. The Dreamy Danish: This bakery name wins bonus points because of the alliteration.

42. The Rolling Pin: Adorable!

43. Pastry Emporium: This is certainly one of the most cute and creative bakery names.

44. Hole in One Doughnuts: Doughnut holes or actual donuts? You decide.

45. Eats and Treats: You have treats they can eat, so show it off in your bakery’s name.

46. Cake Walk: Going to your bakery is quite literally a cake walk.

47. Cherry on Top: All your pastries need is the final cherry on top to be perfect.

48. The Pie Chart: This sounds like a brilliant name for a bakery located near a college because of the mathematics pun.

49. The Cooling Rack: I can’t wait for those treats to get off the cooling rack!

50. The Cake Corner: Delicious!

51. Warm Delights: This is certainly descriptive of what your bakery serves.

52. The Bagel Shop: If you specialize in bagels, show it with a name like the Bagel Shop or the Bagelry.

53. Sugar Booger: This is a silly, but fun, bakery name.

54. The Mix-Up: Because your bakery loves to mix things up all the time!

55. Grandma’s Kitchen: If you are starting your bakery later in life, then this is a cute bakery name to choose.

56. Bake Away: It is time to get baking!

57. The Bread Basket: The Bread Basket is one of my favorite names for a bakery that specializes in different kinds of breads and savory treats.

58. Anytime Cakes: Perfect!

59. Angel Cakes: Angel Cakes is certainly a delicious sounding name to go with.

60. The Baker’s Table: We all want to sit at the baker’s table!

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61. Flour Shower: You can also decorate your bakery with flowers to play on this pub.

62. The Crusty Croissant: Flaky crusts are the best on croissants.

63. The Slice: Because you serve up a slice of heaven every day.

64. The Nutty Bunch: You might be a bit nutty, but you know what you are doing when it comes to baking.

65. Cakes, Cookies & Confections: This name might not get a lot of points for creativity, but it shows exactly what your bakery serves up every morning.

66. Skippity Scones: This name gets bonus points for rhyming, although it is also a lot of fun to say.

67. Cupcake Nation: We, the people, believe in cupcakes for everyone.

68. Bake Off: It is time to get your bake on!

69. Nutty Creations: If your bakery loves to make things with a lot of nuts, go with a name like this.

70. Cookie Crumble: Because that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

71. In the Mix: What are you going to throw into the mix?

72. The Cake Room: This sounds like the type of bakery where you go for high tea with a lot of pastries, cookies and treats served with it.

73. Sunrise Pies: Bakers always have to wake up early in the morning to make their favorite treats. Because of this, names like Sunrise Pies are especially appropriate for a bake shop.

74. Mad Batter: In Alice in Wonderland, there is a character known as the Mad Hatter. The Mad Batter is a play on that. If you choose this name, you can also enjoy having an awesome themed décor that you can use for your shop—it is bound to be a hit with the children!

75. Our Daily Bread: This comes from a religious reference, so don’t be too surprised if your customers expect you to be a bit religious as well.

76. Immaculate Confection: In religion, there is a concept called the immaculate conception. This is a play on that and would be a great name for a bakery that focuses on sweets and pastries.

77. Off the Wheaten Path: Your bakery might be off the beaten path, but it is certainly worth the journey.

78. A Bun in the Oven: Considering the meaning of the pun, you probably should not be too surprised if a lot of people ask you if you have a bun in the oven. You better be prepared for the jokes because they will get tiring pretty quickly.

79. Breaking Bread: This is a play on the phrase breaking bread, but it also sounds like the television show, Breaking Bad. You can choose which pun actually inspires your bakery name.

80. Gluten-Free Gluttony: This is one of the best cute and creative bakery names for a gluten-free bake shop.

81. For Goodness Cakes: For goodness sakes, pick a bakery name already!

82. Knead Bread?: Do you need bread or just want it? I need it.

83. The Rolling Scones: For bakers who happen to be Rolling Stones fans as well.

84. Cakewalkers: This is such a cute bakery name to choose.

85. The Great EsCake: Sometimes, people just need a sweet escape from their normal life. Your bakery provides that delicious respite.

86. Stop and Smell the Flours: Hopefully, your customers will buy a few cakes while they stop and smell the flowers!

87. The Cake Whisperer: You’ve heard of the dog whisperer. Your bakers are basically the cake version of that.

88. Grateful Bread: This is a great bakery name if you happen to be a Grateful Dead fan.

89. Sweet Cheeks Bakery: This is a cute name.

90. Gluteus Minimus: You have a butt muscle called the gluteus maximus. This name implies that you minimize or eliminate the gluten in all of your baked goods.

91. Knead to Know Bread: Do you need to know?

92. Stairway to Leaven: This is such an adorable name to choose.

93. Cake a Diem: “Diem” means day in Latin, so this name basically means a cake a day.

94. Absolutely Muffin: What more could you need? Absolutely nothing!

95. Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!: Perfect!

96. We Knead Dough: You knead dough, but your customers need dough.

97. The Bun Also Rises: Adorable!

98. Tiers of Joy: That is certainly the way I would describe the perfect cake!

99. The Donut Hole: This is a cute option to go with.

100. Born and Bread in (Name): You just have to replace (Name) with the name of your city.

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