December 1, 2022

You want to market your car dealership. The only problem is finding the right, catchy car dealership slogans. While some of the slogans on this list have already been used, you can always use them as inspiration for your next marketing campaign. With the right slogan in place, you can start attracting new clients and grow your business.

1. An American Revolution. Nice.

2. (Brand name). The spirit of American style. Insert the type of car you sell into the car dealership slogan.

3. Shift expectations. This is a fun play on words.

4. The Heartbeat of America . Simple, but effective.

5. We are driving excitement. A clever pun.

6. Accelerating the future. The future is near.

7. You’re due. Definitely due. You’re due for a new car. When are you going to get one.

8. The ultimate driving machine. Effective.

9. Standard of the world. Your dealership is creating a new standard for car buyers.

10. Make every mile count. This is an awesome option.

11. Isn’t it time for a real car? This one of the better catchy car dealership slogans.

12. Drivers wanted. This is simple, but it says everything you need it to.

13. A car for everyone. True enough.

14. Designed for driving pleasure. This sounds good.

15. Following your own rules. (Brand name). Your car says a lot about you. Make your own rules.

16. Beauty is not enough. Nice.

17. Just imagine what (Name) can do for you. Insert your dealership’s name into this slogan.

18. A class of its own. Fun.

19. Imagine yourself in a (brand name) now. I’m imagining it. Are you ?

20. As individual as you are. Nice.

21. New cars at shocking prices. This is one way to bring buyers to the dealership.

22. Put the fun back into driving. We’re working on it!

23. The passionate pursuit of perfection. This slogan wins bonus points for alliteration.

24. There is no substitute. There really isn’t.

25. When you get it, you get it. This is catchy.

26. Prepare to want one. This is a good car dealership slogan.

27. More horses, fewer seconds. Nice!

28. Have you driven a (brand name) lately? If not, they can come drive one today!

29. Inspiration comes standard. Easy, but effective.

30. Find your own road. This has great imagery.

31. Driving is believing. Nice

32. Creating a higher standard. Hopefully, at least.

33. Built for the road ahead. This is a good option.

34. Driven by passion. Use this if you want a simple slogan.

35. Born to perform. This is catchy.

36. Don’t dream it. Drive it! Excellent.

37. Designed for living. Engineered to last. This is a good slogan to choose.

38. Bold moves. Simple, but catchy.

39. Engineered to move the human spirit. Nice!

40. For the love of the car. For cars that cause passion.

41. (Brand Name): Like Nothing Else. Perfect!

42. All roads lead to (car dealership’s name). This is a play on “all roads lead to Rome.”

43. The way car buying should be. True.

44. Where you save a fistful of dollars. This sounds like a great goal.

45. New doors opened. Clever!

46. Think. Feel. Drive. Easy, but effective.

47. We make it nice and easy. Nice!

48. Keeping ahead through technology. For high-tech dealerships.

49. Unlike any other. Awesome.

50. Feel the difference. Feel the difference by driving the car today.

51. The true definition of luxury: Yours. Clever.

52. Your new experience of motoring. Nice.

53. It must be love. It must be!

54. The ultimate driving experience. This is an easy option.

55. We buy more, so you pay less. Excellent!

56. Let’s go places. We can go places together.

57. Treat it with respect. Well, not too much respect. You still have to have some fun, right?

58. Who could ask for anything more? No one!

59. Promises delivered. Perfect.

60. The art of performance. This is a good name.

61. Power for your control. Use this if you sell powerful cars.

62. Start something. Nice.

63. Protection on all sides. Use this for safety-focused cars.

64. Sheer driving pleasure. Chic.

65. Prices you love. People you trust. This is a good car dealership slogan for a local, family-owned dealership.

66. One of the greatest pleasures you can have. True!

67. (Brand name). Travel Well. This sounds awesome.

68. Live the pleasure. This really makes the consumer imagine driving your vehicles.

69. Moving forward. Clever.

70. Just wait ’till you drive it. I’m still waiting.

71. Technology you can enjoy. True.

72. The power to surprise. This is an awesome dealership slogan.

73. Always there for you. Excellent.

74. The best built cars in the world. You better have the cars to back this statement up.

75. The hassle-free way to buy a car. That sounds good.

76. Built to protect. For safety-focused cars.

77. The power of dreams. For a dealership that sells dream cars.

78. Drive your way. Easy, but effective.

79. Break through. Nice!

80. Designed to save lives. Use this if your cars have excellent safety features.

81. The future of the automobile. Awesome.

82. Dream up. For status conscious buyers.

83. What a luxury car should be. True.

84. The relentless pursuit of perfection. This is a nice option.

85. Drive your dreams. For your dream on wheels.

86. The drive of your life. Nice!

87. Driven by what’s inside. This is a clever pun.

88. The power of understatement. This sounds like the slogan of a luxury car dealership.

89. Get the feeling. Get it!

90. Precision-crafted performance. Nice.

91. Eye it, try it, then buy it! This is a catchy option.

92. Hand-built by robots. This one will make consumers stop and think about it.

93. Designed to improve your performance. Nice!

94. Everyone dreams of a (Brand name). Hopefully, at least.

95. Is it love? It is. It definitely is.

96. Responds to your life. Perfect!

97. The beauty of all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is so amazing.

98. The most reliable member of your family. This either says good things about your car or bad things about your family.

99. High-tech performance at low-tech prices. Awesome!

100. Where luxury service meets everyday prices. This is a good option to choose.

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