December 2, 2022

The believe of ancient people that still existing in some part of the world are listed below:-

  1. Some Japanese Buddhist monks used to practice a meditation called the Sokushinbutsu. They would starve themselves to death while meditating, hence mummifying themselves alive.
10 Most Dangerous Ancient World History Human Practice to Death

2. In Mongolia, criminals would be locked up in wooden boxes and left out to die from starvation

3. In the ancient Egypt, slaves would be smeared with blood or honey to distract bees from the pharaoh

4. There were nearly 600 plots made by CIA to assassinate Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro

5. In 1923 Frank Hayes won a race in Belmont park, but with a little twist… He was dead when the horse crossed the line

6. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

7.. Pope Gregory XI believed that cats are associated with the devil, and ordered them to be exterminated from Europe. It’s believed that this caused the Bubonic Plague, as rats multiplied after this event.

8. Chickens were domesticated for entertainment, cockfighting, not food.

9. Columbus claimed that he actually saw Mermaids, but “

they were not as pretty as they were depicted

10. The war between England and Zanzibar lasted 38 minutes.

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